Teespring Facebook Ads

Fashion is a big deal, this might explain the rise of companies like Teespring who offer custom t-shirt design fulfillment.

Teespring has made if easy for you to upload any design you want to have printed on a piece of clothing, mostly t-shirts, plus handle the eCommerce store, payment processing, postage, etc leaving you with the job of sending customers to your store.

Teespring Facebook ads have been very popular for a long time, so long that many competitor companies have entered the space such as SunFrog, TeeChip, SpreadShirt and CafePress.

Here are some examples of the most shared Teespring Facebook ads this month:

Teespring Facebook Ads
Teespring Facebook Ads Most Shared September 2016

Here are some tips for running a Teespring campaign.

Feature your T-shirt design prominently in your ad creative. If you look through any brochure for any big clothing retailer they always have the merchandise on attractive models so they customer can imagine what they will look like wearing that piece.

Black is king, 80% of the top Teespring facebook ads are on black shirts so especially when starting out use a black tee.

Tailor your ad creative specifically to your niche. Top Teespring ads always seem to be targeting very specific niches that can be related to such as engineers, nurses, veterans, bartenders etc.

Here is a quick link to Septembers top Teespring Facebook ads.

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