Facebook Skin Ads

Skin care is one of the most popular products advertised on Facebook and its no surprise because as people age they get wrinkles and who doesn’t want to look younger?

Facebook skin ads
Facebook skin ads

What many people who market skincare products may be shocked to learn is that men skin creams are just as popular as women. Two images side by side are the current trend along with video ads and mobile, so make sure your landing pages and product pages are optimized for mobile traffic with fast loading speeds.

Some keys to running a successful skincare campaign is to get your demographic right, targeting the right ages, locations and devices. It’s also really important to get the highest converting offers as Facebook traffic is competitive especially for cosmetics given the high margins ($2 bottle of cream for $40+).

Here are a few keywords that can help you find skin care product ads:

When running skin campaigns make sure you always have a two parts normally a cream and a cleanser as people are used to applying more than one product in the defense against wrinkles and aging.

There is still plenty of opportunity running video ads on Facebook with creatives featuring testimonials, demonstrations, product placements and special offers.

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