Facebook Muscle Ads

Another popular niche on Facebook ads is muscle ads.

These ads typically are 2 part selling pills or powder and possibly a cleanse or more pills or powder.

Although not as popular as skin or diet mainly because of the younger, less valuable (lower salaries) demographic and the fact that you can only really target male. Female demographic is only a fraction when compared to male.

Facebook muscle ads
Facebook muscle ads

Finding muscle ads is a bit more challenging because the keywords are currently focusing the performance enhancing crowed. Many of these ads show shocking “OMG I can’t believe he did that” style and feature celebrities you would find in a men’s health magazine. Movie stars, sport athletes and martial arts fighters are most popular because you can target fans and also because the stories are more likely to be shared.

There is a peak age for people looking to gain muscle typically between 18 to 45 when how your body looks actually matters.

Here are a few searches to find muscle ads:

Muscle ads are not as popular as diet ads or skin care ads but because of this there is less competition and more profit so it is worth trying.

Make sure you optimize your pages for mobile as there is plenty of mobile traffic and also consider trying video ads because they are more engaging.



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