Facebook Diet Ads

Diet ads on Facebook are incredibly popular because of how many people are looking to lose weight quickly using anything from teas to pills to shake weights.

Weight loss has an interesting trend spiking on international go on a diet day commonly known as news years day.

Weight loss trend graph
Weight loss trend graph

You can see what I mean in the graph above. Despite a clear trend favoring January diet ads are run all year round.

Diet ads are also great to run because most of the products are very high margin, a bottle of weight loss pills can cost less than $2 to manufacture and can be sold for upwards of $50 making it an attractive product to sell.

Facebook diet ads
Facebook diet ads

Some clear trends in diet ads (which are highly regulated these days) are drinks, animations/cartoons, and reaction photos such as shocked or crying.

Here are some keywords to help you find diet ads:

Being such a competitive product category its worth getting creative and experimenting with Facebook video ads and definitely make sure your pages are optimized for mobile as the traffic converts.

Also make sure you read Facebook’s advertising guidelines and follow them to ensure you keep campaigns approved.

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