Facebook Ads Any Spy Can Run Quickly

In this guide we will show you how to use our Facebook spy tool to find ads that you can get up and running quickly.

Many Facebook ads are run directly by advertisers with large budgets representing big brands but there is 1 simple trick you can use to make finding ads you can run yourself like those with affiliate programs.

One thing we noticed is that Facebook ads without their shorturl set that look like this:


instead of this:


are more likely to be affiliate links because they can set then up on multiple accounts and are banking on speed and high CTR.

What we did was setup a special trick to spy Facebook ads just like this and also highlight the post link so they stand out better, here how it works.

To begin with login to AdsVantage and select your country.

Next add &advertiser=a to the url so it looks like this http://app.adsvantage.net/?advertiser=a&country=United%20States

Personally I love video ads that run to video sales letters so just do the same on the video ads page http://app.adsvantage.net/video?q=&advertiser=a&country=United%20States

spy Facebook ads

Look at how simple some of the video ads are, they are just an image with a gif to the left on repeat yet look how many likes and shares they get!

Next you just need to track down an affiliate link either directly from the advertiser or from an affiliate network (which there are hundreds of).

With a little modification in your favorite image (paint, photoshop) or video editor (camtasia, premier, vegas) you are ready to get a quick Facebook ad campaign going. Make sure you get your targeting right or start with a small budget while you learn what works and as soon as you start making conversions speak with your affiliate manager to get increased payouts, the street payout is almost always able to be increased immediately.

With 100,000’s of new ads added daily there is no shortage of Facebook ad ideas

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