3 Top Facebook Ad Spy Trends in 2017

Facebook ads continues to grow at an astonishing pace up 60% year-over-year and though guidelines and ad creatives change you still see the same verticals getting a lot of attention even in 2017.

Here are the top Facebook ad spy trends for 2017.

1. Skin care

Surprise surprise even in 2017 people are still getting old and wrinkly and advertisers are still finding ways of getting to them.

Here are some examples:

skin care facebook ads 2017
skin care facebook ads 2017

Here is my current search link for spying skin care Facebook ads


2. Diet

Christmas is famous for eating too much and for many people losing weight or slimming down is high on their new years resolutions. Although not as popular as skincare diet still continues to rank among the top trends of 2017 still

diet Facebook ads 2017
diet Facebook ads 2017

Find those ads and more using this Spy Diet Facebook Ads 2017


3. Tees and Mugs

Printed tees have been trending on Facebook Ads forever given that you have complete freedom to put whatever you want on the creative then match it to an audience proven to link that subject. This trend has expanded to include mugs in addition to the usual items of clothing.

Tee Facebook Ads 2017
Tee Facebook Ads 2017

With this search I got bit more creative and used more negative keywords to weed out non tee related ads, plus to increase the potency of affiliate ads I changed the advertiser to =a (pro tip) Spy Tee Facebook Ads 2017.


for more ads just change the advertiser= variable to empty like this


Hope you had a prosperous 2016 and hope to see you back again in 2017 learning whats getting approved and whats working from the best advertisers in the world tackling arguably the worlds most difficult (high quality) platform, Facebook ads 🙂

From the team at AdsVantage, Happy New year!

PS. Favorites is working again

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