All SocialAdClub users please change payment profile

Due to one of the co-founders not paying his share of the profits has been acquired. Please go in to your PayPal account immediately and request a refund then sign up again. Make sure you are sending money to NOT Loud Promos ( All accounts that have not made the switch by 30th AprilRead More

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Facebook Ads

With the US election just about wrapping up lets take a look at how the top two campaigns looked on Facebook ads. This election has seen the most money spent on social ads mainly because a) social ads are getting more expensive as competition heats up and more people understand how to make them workRead More

Video ads, speed upgrade and various fixes

Thanks to new data we have been able to introduce video ads. Currently we can not make them look nice by embedding them like you see in the news feed but they can be viewed in a new window by clicking. We have also sped up the speed of browsing the ads, along with searchingRead More

How to use Facebook Ads with Email ROI

There are a couple of ways to get the email ROI you are used to  when sending email using facebook ads. These 2 methods focus on using your existing email subscribers and require no demographic research if you already know your offers convert with your current audience. The first of the 2 methods is theRead More

Best Practices Using Keyword Search on AdsVantage

Have you ever wondered what other people are searching for on AdsVantage? Keyword searches are can be an important part social marketing research and yet most users never take advantage of this powerful feature. Because of this we have made a guide to help you find more relevant social ads and get value out of yourRead More

Favorite Lists Make Social Ad Planning Simple

AdsVantage’s mission is to be the first place you go when thinking of social ads and a large part of that involves planning. To make social ads planning as simple as possible we have just released the ability to add ads to favorite lists. The benefit of this new way of saving ads is thatRead More

Social Ads Stats, Ranking, Categories and More

You already know social ads are running but how much effort has been taken and how much business are being generated from these campaigns? There are ways to tell and now you can access them in a single click. Introducing our latest feature Rankings We have designed AdsVantage to the first place you go whenRead More

Growth Hacker’s Guide to Facebook Giveaway Campaigns

Marketers are always looking for high ROI campaigns and for social media if done correctly the giveaway contest can bring in emails, leads, or customers very cheap. In this post we will show you how to find which Facebook Giveaway contest campaigns which are really working then in a case study series we will breakRead More

How to sell Degrees using Social Ads with Career Kickstarter

After exploring Adsvantage you will find that some advertisers use many different images and text in their social ads. In this case study we will show you how to identify which ads are getting the best results and which ads to look at. AdsVantage URL: In the above screenshot we have 8 ads from theRead More