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Facebook Ad Emoji and Special Characters

Some advertisers user special characters in Facebook ads, here are a few reasons why: to avoid getting detected by Facebook’s filtering algorithms (eg. too many t-shirt, skin, flashlight ads are being shown so surge pricing is applied) protect from their competition using Google or Facebook search to lookup their ad copy or videos cloaking restrictedRead More

Updates, Fixes and More

Recently there have been many updates behind the scene designed to speed up the process of discovering ads. Facebook is always tweaking the html if Facebook ads and this has required altering the way we do things many times over the past 3 years. The most noticeable changes are: More videos ads (better identification) MoreRead More

Video ads spy tool now with preview

Video ads are on fire and for good reason. Yes they are harder to make than image ads, but they work so much better. With increased internet speeds you can get video ads in front of more people than ever before. Making a video ad requires more skills too, you have to source, edit andRead More

200,000 Brazil Facebook ads per day

Thanks to a new partnership we are now receiving a high number of new international ads. The country with the most new ads by far is Brazil with approximately 200,000 ads per day. AdsVantage has been mostly focused on English speaking countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and can now add Argentina,Read More

Video Ads for Advanced Accounts

Video ads are hot. In fact if you are not using video ads you are missing out on some of the cheapest traffic from quality traffic sources like Facebook Ads, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. To help we have added a dedicated video ads section for Advanced accounts. You can find them under News Feed Ads.Read More

Post Direct Links for Advanced

Some of our users have requested that we include direct links to ad posts. This allows advertisers to get a better idea of how an ad is evolving, giving them the ability to read comments, see likes/shares/comments/views grow over time, and get behind the scenes. You can find the new post links in Advanced accounts.Read More

Video ads, speed upgrade and various fixes

Thanks to new data we have been able to introduce video ads. Currently we can not make them look nice by embedding them like you see in the news feed but they can be viewed in a new window by clicking. We have also sped up the speed of browsing the ads, along with searchingRead More

Favorite Lists Make Social Ad Planning Simple

AdsVantage’s mission is to be the first place you go when thinking of social ads and a large part of that involves planning. To make social ads planning as simple as possible we have just released the ability to add ads to favorite lists. The benefit of this new way of saving ads is thatRead More

Social Ads Stats, Ranking, Categories and More

You already know social ads are running but how much effort has been taken and how much business are being generated from these campaigns? There are ways to tell and now you can access them in a single click. Introducing our latest feature Rankings We have designed AdsVantage to the first place you go whenRead More