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new facebook ads manager

Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor Unite

Today Facebook made Ads Manager much better by effectively upgrading it to be more like Power Editor which is and soon to be was really just a browser based API tool for managing your campaigns. According to help center power editor users “won’t notice any changes with ad creation and management except the new name.”Read More

All SocialAdClub users please change payment profile

Due to one of the co-founders not paying his share of the profits has been acquired. Please go in to your PayPal account immediately and request a refund then sign up again. Make sure you are sending money to NOT Loud Promos ( All accounts that have not made the switch by 30th AprilRead More

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Facebook Ads

With the US election just about wrapping up lets take a look at how the top two campaigns looked on Facebook ads. This election has seen the most money spent on social ads mainly because a) social ads are getting more expensive as competition heats up and more people understand how to make them workRead More

Introducing AdsVantage

After months in development AdsVantage is finally live. We feel that every social media advertiser has a story to tell and the ambition behind our new product is to be a source of information for the social media community to get the competitive advantage you need to succeed. As the world of competitor research gets increasingly complex, our effortsRead More