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How to sell Degrees using Social Ads with Career Kickstarter

After exploring Adsvantage you will find that some advertisers use many different images and text in their social ads. In this case study we will show you how to identify which ads are getting the best results and which ads to look at. AdsVantage URL: In the above screenshot we have 8 ads from theRead More

Arnold Schwarzenegger Australian Campaign

Over the last 2 days there has been enormous buzz after everyone started seeing ads for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s big move to Austria Accompanying this campaign is a video explaining how Arnold has been surfing thinking its showing results for Austria, when his assistant corrects him he laughs it off saying “you pronounce it so funny”. CheckRead More

Case Study – Promoted Post – Background Check

Hey social media marketers, today we have something special for you! In this blog post we will explore a case study of a well run social campaign for the background check niche. A good background check offer for the US will pay ~$20 per conversion. Now lets jump in and have a look at howRead More