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facebook lead ads

How to Use Facebook Lead Ads

Sometimes you want clicks to your website, sometimes you want as many people as you can afford to engage with you content and sometimes you want people to sign up to what you are offering whether it be for a price estimate, a newsletter or product demo. Anything that requires filling out a form. IfRead More

new facebook ads manager

Facebook Ads Manager and Power Editor Unite

Today Facebook made Ads Manager much better by effectively upgrading it to be more like Power Editor which is and soon to be was really just a browser based API tool for managing your campaigns. According to help center power editor users “won’t notice any changes with ad creation and management except the new name.”Read More

Problem Facebook ads

The Problem with Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a new form of online marketing that product owners are still getting their heads around even though Facebook marketing has been around for so long. The problem is that you have to submit so many image or video ads which take longer to create then match them with the right audience andRead More

Why 75% of Businesses see Zero ROI on Facebook

Marketing on social media is THE most cost effective way to reach your audience and Facebook is the biggest platform. Despite this most businesses are not seeing any return on their marketing dollars especially on Facebook. Marketingland surveyed over 4,700 US small businesses with less than 10 people and found some very interesting things. 1.Read More

Facebook Ad Emoji and Special Characters

Some advertisers user special characters in Facebook ads, here are a few reasons why: to avoid getting detected by Facebook’s filtering algorithms (eg. too many t-shirt, skin, flashlight ads are being shown so surge pricing is applied) protect from their competition using Google or Facebook search to lookup their ad copy or videos cloaking restrictedRead More

Updates, Fixes and More

Recently there have been many updates behind the scene designed to speed up the process of discovering ads. Facebook is always tweaking the html if Facebook ads and this has required altering the way we do things many times over the past 3 years. The most noticeable changes are: More videos ads (better identification) MoreRead More

3 Top Facebook Ad Spy Trends in 2017

Facebook ads continues to grow at an astonishing pace up 60% year-over-year and though guidelines and ad creatives change you still see the same verticals getting a lot of attention even in 2017. Here are the top Facebook ad spy trends for 2017. 1. Skin care Surprise surprise even in 2017 people are still getting oldRead More

Facebook Ads Any Spy Can Run Quickly

In this guide we will show you how to use our Facebook spy tool to find ads that you can get up and running quickly. Many Facebook ads are run directly by advertisers with large budgets representing big brands but there is 1 simple trick you can use to make finding ads you can runRead More