Month: September 2016

Video ads spy tool now with preview

Video ads are on fire and for good reason. Yes they are harder to make than image ads, but they work so much better. With increased internet speeds you can get video ads in front of more people than ever before. Making a video ad requires more skills too, you have to source, edit andRead More

Teespring Facebook Ads

Fashion is a big deal, this might explain the rise of companies like Teespring who offer custom t-shirt design fulfillment. Teespring has made if easy for you to upload any design you want to have printed on a piece of clothing, mostly t-shirts, plus handle the eCommerce store, payment processing, postage, etc leaving you withRead More

200,000 Brazil Facebook ads per day

Thanks to a new partnership we are now receiving a high number of new international ads. The country with the most new ads by far is Brazil with approximately 200,000 ads per day. AdsVantage has been mostly focused on English speaking countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) and can now add Argentina,Read More

Facebook Muscle Ads

Another popular niche on Facebook ads is muscle ads. These ads typically are 2 part selling pills or powder and possibly a cleanse or more pills or powder. Although not as popular as skin or diet mainly because of the younger, less valuable (lower salaries) demographic and the fact that you can only really target male.Read More